Scottish music facts

August 26, 2022
Scottish Folk Music

Dazzle friends and family with one of these nuggets of T in the Park trivia

This short article is from 2013.

T is the Magic Number

1994 capability: 17, 000 per day.
2013 ability: 85, 000 daily.

Initial line-up included Rage resistant to the device, Bjork, Cypress Hill, Blur, Manic Street Preachers, Pulp and Oasis.

During the festival, T in the Park becomes Scotland’s fifth biggest town.

This season the festival out of stock in a staggering 90 minutes.

The Longest Queue at signing tent ended up being for KYLIE in 1995.

The Longest Ovation into the festival’s history was for renowned PIXIES in 2004.

Best Busker: Joe Strummer performed a casual ready in the campsite in 1996.

Unlikliest arrival: Keanu Reeves played in 1996 along with his band Dogstar. He appeared on a double decker bus.

Most useful rider request: James Brown requested a 1950s salon hairdryer for his dressing room when he played in 2005.

Identify modifications: In 1994 a little-known musical organization labeled as Glass Onion took to the stage, they'd later on alter their particular name to Travis. In 1997 Polarbear made their debut within festival, later on getting the similarly arctic-themed Snow Patrol.

T inside Park: the film: In 2010 Scottish filmmaker David Mackenzie made a feature film, You as an alternative, set through the event and filmed in only 5 times

Festival Nuptuals: in 2008 one couple decided to tie the knot on festival. In 2005 a competitors winner just who got to fulfill brand new purchase backstage got a helping hand proposing to his girlfriend whenever frontman Bernard Summer launched it stay onstage.

T in Park

From reasonably modest beginnings, T into the Park is among the most acknowledged behemoth associated with the Scottish event scene and one of the UK's largest activities. In 2015 the event moved from its longstanding Balado location to the brand new reasons of Strathallan Castle in Perthshire. Rings appearing in 2016 include The Rock…

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