Scottish Highlands music

January 11, 2022
NotloB Music Brings the

Celtic3This year, the musical lineup of this Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games is the best, presenting the last, current and future of Celtic tradition. Typical, acoustic, rock, folk, and a wee bit of punk, the music can be as innovative so that as diverse given that country that inspired all of it. With eternal music art from a global crowd pleaser to a Canadian first, a Tattoo that is both standard and groundbreaking, practical workshops, and favourites old and brand new. Scotland minus the airfare, a beautiful soundtrack for the summer time.

Kindly BYOL - deliver your own personal Lawnchairs - to setup and enjoy the Friday evening show!

Coming back 2016: Albannach – “Outlawed Tunes on Outlawed Pipes”

It’s their Canadian first! A NECESSITY SEE! Not just another Scottish Pipes & Drums band! Albannach’s primal drumming and accurate piping stirs the soul of whoever hears all of them- old and young! Albannach is Scots-Gaelic for "Scottish" or "Scotsman". Which is just what they've been. Albannach are produced and bred in Scotland and their function in life will be share their particular fascinating culture, history and heritage to you by way of our songs.

Coming Back 2016: Gillebride MacMillan

Gillebrìde MacMillan, creator, singer-songwriter and star – Gwyllyn the Bard - within the remarkably popular Outlander show on Starz television, should be carrying out for the week-end and also will be leading an interactive Gaelic Song Workshop. This workshop is not become missed!

Tommy Leadbeater

His fascinating sound, featuring its crystal-clear tones, rich harmonics and secure in upper range, has generated him a standing of being among Nova Scotia's best vocalists. Tommy, constantly a gentleman and constantly a form term or two for everybody, are showcased at Tattoo, Heritage tent and also the Saturday Night Ceilidh. Check out the Highland Herald in addition to routine for overall performance times and times - you don’t want to miss Tommy!

Scottish Highland with Music
Scottish Highland with Music
Scottish Highlands Celtic music!
Scottish Highlands Celtic music!
Scottish Music - Music From The Highlands Album. Bagpipe
Scottish Music - Music From The Highlands Album. Bagpipe ...
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