Scottish Tunes

May 25, 2022
Plays a few Scottish tunes

Image of Blurry ceilidh performersThe strathspey is believed to have originated from the Strathspey area, the strath or wide glen associated with River Spey, in North East Scotland. It absolutely was initially written the fiddle and used for moving to: today, the strathspey is played on a lot of different tools. It is actually a slow and stylised form of reel and ended up being initially called a 'Strathspey reel' while the standard reel was called an 'Atholl reel'. Such as the standard reel, it really is in 4/4 time, but it appears quite different because it is slow and possesses dotted rhythms. One of these simple rhythms features an unique title and it is called the 'Scotch snap' or 'Scots snap'. This is made of a very short note accompanied by an extended note played in series, providing a 'snap' noise when played.

In Gaelic music, dance tunes could be sung and are also known as 'mouth songs' or puirt-à-beul. a port (the word for one of the bits of lips music) could be some of the party tunes we investigated here, but reels and strathspeys tend to be specially preferred. While the terms the tunes are sung to often echo the ornaments of instruments and improve the rhythms associated with tunes - strathspeys work well as puirt.

Kenna Campbell and her daughters Mary Ann and Wilma Kennedy perform a tune called 'A' Mhisg a Chuir an Nollaig Oirnn' or 'The xmas Spree'.

Puirt à Beul (Kenna Campbell)

'Puirt à Beul' carried out by Kenna Campbell (2nd tune just)

From Gaelic Females, CDTRAX167, Track 5, Greentrax

Kimberley Fraser is is a fiddler from Cape Breton Island, Canada. The fiddle music regarding the area is primarily affected by the music of Highland and Gaelic Scotland that came with emigrants on East coast of Canada. Kimberley is playing a conventional strathspey known as 'Tullochgorm' which originated in Scotland and is saturated in these dotted-rhythm Scotch snaps.

Tullochgorm (Kimberley Fraser)

'Tullochgorm' done by Kimberley Fraser (very first track only)

From Falling on brand new Ground (s/release), Track 10

There are 2 fundamental kinds of strathspey dances. The first is the set dances which are danced as a 'longways set', with lines of males and females dealing with each other and interweaving over the main space in various habits. Others is much like a slow type of a reel of four, in which two couples intertwine in figures of eight, and is the standard dances in Highland dancing. The ancient track 'Hey Tutti Taitie' is a strathspey, although Robert Burns slowed it down when he tried it for 'Scots Wha Hae'.

Arthur Johnstone performs their form of 'Scots Wha Hae'.

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Scottish tunes
Scottish tunes
Albannach Scottish Tunes 2010
Albannach Scottish Tunes 2010
Scottish tunes in arrangement by F. Barsanti
Scottish tunes in arrangement by F. Barsanti
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