Fireside Bagpipes

January 30, 2023
Gibson Fireside (R-103)

Synthetic "Synth-pipa" Swedish Bagpipe Reeds: (pictured below)
I created artificial reeds for the Swedish bagpipe because lots of people playing these pipelines were fed up with the the problems that include playing single bladed cane reeds. Using these reeds cause the ball player to be able to spend more time playing and almost no time messing because of the reeds. The reeds are made to do in the chanter and drone at the exact same force and create a balance involving the two that produces all of them a whole lot more steady than utilizing cane reeds. I've delivered these reeds all over the globe to all the ranges of pipers, from beginner to top professional pipers, and they're working with great outcomes in several makes of Swedish pipelines. You simply will not be disappointed.

Synth-pipa reeds are $75 per group of two (one drone & one chanter)
Shipping is .00 into the U.S. and .00 International.
Click this link to order if you're in the us.

If you may be not in the United States/International click this link.

Hamon Border-pipe Drone Reeds: every ready (pictured below)
Will come in Bass, Tenor, Tenor or Bass, Tenor, Alto.

Click on this link to acquire

International Customers contact me personally therefore I can deliver a charge. The Paypal website link above just offers domestic shipping.

Hamon Highland Drone Reeds: each (pictured below) with Inverted Bass.

Click here purchasing

Standard Smallpipe Drone Reeds: (pictured below)
This is my newest reed design and works just about universally in every group of smallpipes. They have been nearly the same as Ezee Drone smallpipe reeds and easily fit into practically all bellows blown and mouthblown smallpipes. The reeds listed here are Bass, Baritone, Tenor.

Price is$60 per set of three. Price is per set of four.

Overseas subscribers contact me personally thus I can deliver an invoice. The Paypal website link above only offers domestic shipping.

Original Smallpipe Drone Reeds:
These reeds tend to be replacement drone reeds to be used in Parlor style smallpipes such as for instance, Gibson FiresideĀ® smallpipes, Lindsey smallpipes, and all sorts of forms of Parlor pipeline smallpipes,
~ all tends to make, and lots of various other mouthblown smallpipes with stocks bores over 1/2".

Read reviews posted by clients regarding the Bagpipe Forums. Click Here for Reviews

Pricing is per pair of three.

Global subscribers contact me therefore I can send an invoice. The Paypal link above only provides domestic shipping.

Kitchen-pipe Reeds (pictured here)
The reeds under were created as replacement reeds for several labels of Kitchen Pipes which come stock with practice chanters for drone reeds. These reeds utilize less atmosphere and tend to be alot more steady and create a cleaner tone than the practice chanter reeds that can come stock in every Kitchen-pipe drones. They are the same as my initial smallpipe reeds above however in a couple of two for Kitchen-pipes. End fighting to help keep your kitchen area pipes drones in track with all the chanter and get your self a couple of Hamon Kitchen-pipe Reeds.

Price is $40 per collection of two.
Danny Boy - Londonderry Air - Gibson Fireside Bagpipes
Danny Boy - Londonderry Air - Gibson Fireside Bagpipes
Suo Gan - Gibson Highland & Fireside Bagpipes
Suo Gan - Gibson Highland & Fireside Bagpipes
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