A Ceilidh

February 6, 2024
Ceilidh band for weddings

“To my ears best ceilidh band in your community. Exciting, initial and diverse noise; great tunes, well-called.” George Hawes

The GECC played inside my wedding 5 years ago. Incredible musicianship, amazing memories.” Stu Connor
The fantastic Eastern Ceilidh business is a five-piece Cambridge ceilidh musical organization. We’ve already been playing ceilidhs and barn dances in East Anglia for about thirty years. Over that time, we’ve played all the village halls in Cambridgeshire, most of the Cambridge colleges, local schools, sports and social groups, weddings and birthdays, May Balls and village fetes, celebrations and road functions, Burns’ evenings and Harvest Festivals.

We perform a fantastic mix of English, Irish, Scottish, Northumbrian and Shetland tunes. Unusually, we've two really experienced callers, who take transforms phoning the dances and playing the tunes.

On this site, you will find aside how to reserve united states for your ceilidh, barn dance or celebration, what kind of songs we perform, how to get our tracks, and exactly what else we’re around in the world of songs. You can also find advice about operating a ceilidh. And you may see the tale of our gigs on the ceilidh blog site.

Great Eastern Ceilidh Company

Tune in to a taster of paths from our current CD, cool Fen. They are tracks and tunes we perform for paying attention in the middle dances (start to see the Bookings page for examples of party music).

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Source: greateasternceilidh.wordpress.com
Training a Ceilidh Dance (2011)
Training a Ceilidh Dance (2011)
Lets Have A Ceilidh - The Berlin HOPaLOTS - 100 Years Frohnau
Lets Have A Ceilidh - The Berlin HOPaLOTS - 100 Years Frohnau
A Ceilidh Party with Doctor Peacock Ceilidh Band
A Ceilidh Party with Doctor Peacock Ceilidh Band
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