How to tie a kilt?

March 19, 2023
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Follow the directions the following. Additionally, have a look at the video at the end for the page, but in case you have any queries please go ahead and call us!

Firstly, put-on your shirt.

Now placed on your kilt hose pipe, (clothes).

Now apply your garters & flashes making certain the flashes are to the beyond your knee. Ignore your sock to pay for the garter, but leave several inches regarding the flashes showing.

The Sgian Dubh should go inside your left or right sock depending on regardless if you are correct or left-handed. The Sgian Dubh must be facing the outside of the knee in line with your flashes and should be showing around 2-3 ins above the sock top.

Apply your Ghillie Brogues, (shoes). Simply take a lace in each hand and perspective them 3-4 times around each other pulling straight down relatively tight so you are in possession of a ribbed result in which the knot would usually be on a normal shoe. Today use the laces across the back just underneath the calf muscle mass and twist once more but just once. Eventually, bring the laces returning to the front and tie a normal bow regarding front side of your shin.

Put your kilt on next. Taking a your hands on each end ensure that the pleats associated with the kilt tend to be behind you. Today bring the proper hand band around past your front and feed it through slot on the inside left, buckle it so it is tight but comfortable. Today take the left-hand band and carry it around past your front and feed it through buckle in the right-hand part. Once fastened, the top the kilt must certanly be sitting just underneath the rib cage, (around 1-2 ins above your stomach button) maybe not on your trouser waistline! There's always a centre component on front side of a kilt, to locate this only lean over and just take both sides of bottom of one's kilt in each hand, you will notice either a line or a panel down the middle, this may establish in which the centre is between each spot and you should line this up with your stomach option.

Today bring your buckle and supply it through buckle loops at the rear of your kilt. Fasten the buckle of one's belt at the front of kilt, making sure the buckle is arranged with the centre of your kilt. Your belt should always be tight but comfortable but there is however a lot modification in the underside for the buckle if you require it.

Today take your sporran and feed the sequence straps through belt loops behind your kilt again and fasten. The sporran it self should sit-in front associated with crotch area, (roughly 3-4 little finger spaces down from bottom of your buckle to the top of the sporran) and should in addition sit-in line with the centre...

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