How to sew a kilt?

April 17, 2021
We also can make it in leather

kilt textile, noted and pinnedStart by-doing a web find Kilt Making", and find out about making standard Scottish kilts. Most of everything you understand will apply right here.

If you should ben't making use of a tartan textile, it is possible to ignore the components about finding out exactly what sett you'll need, and merely determine what you need the pleats to measure. (i did so mine 2 1/2-inches each, with 5 1/2 collapsed under. So that occupies 8 ins of material per pleat.)

Look at the "top-view associated with pleating" image from Jan Bruyndonckx's internet site. Draw one that way of design, to be certain of dimensions and exactly what it'll appear to be.

Unlike conventional kilts, you don't have to be worried about how good you click the pleats, and there's no genuine requirement for basting. ("Basting, " as you will read, requires sewing the pleats in place with a removable stitch. Following the pleats tend to be pressed, the basting is removed.) Some tips about what i really do as an alternative: Mark pleats towards the top and base and over the hip line. Pin the pleats in place, about 1/2" in from the edge of the pleat.

handstitch the inside of each and every pleat at the hip lineRun a stitch along the outside for each pleat from hip line towards the bottom, to secure it truth be told there. Today sew the top each pleat (from the hipline towards top), recalling to position in to the waistline range to get the correct "taper". Today change the kilt over, and run a stitch internally fold of every pleat, also, through the hip line into the bottom side. Now the pleats are permanent!

On the inside of the kilt, I hand-stich each pleat within hipline, tacking the interior side of the pleat down to all of those other kilt. Do this for virtually any pleat EXCEPT the very first and final pleat.

You can now trim from top-piece associated with the textile inside each pleat, whilst still being the pleat will not "droop" open. Never cut out the the top of first and final pleat. Leave all of them entire, and fasten them within the waistband.

I added an easy pocket to the front for the inner apron. Simply a piece of extra material, sewn on 3 edges, available at the very top. Functions great. Appears just a little odd once you achieve in for your wallet, but i accompany it my most readily useful Cleavon Little effect, "'Scuse myself while I whip this out."

To incorporate the inner straight back pocket:

  • Iron-on a 6-inch bit of interfacing into within the kilt, where you desire the pocket orifice become. Draw a 5 1/2" line throughout the middle of the interfacing (this might be will be the line you can expect to cut to generate the opening). Make use of a taut zig-zag or button-hole stitch to describe the range you drew.
  • The pocket lining are going to be a separtate bit of fabric-approx...
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