Maclean Kilt

April 25, 2022
Clan MacLean Gallery

MacLean of Duart Climate Premium Kilt Package $99-

Our $99 Kilt Package includes reduced quality 16 ounce acrylic and wool combination kilt and our Celtic knot sporran. Pleated on sett, with 3 buckles and broad buckle loops. Our 16 ounce kilts have more pleats, the pleats tend to be sewn down from the waist a number of inches, and are a heavier fat than our 13 ounce kilts. Standard 24" size. We carry sizes 34-48 in stock, and may special purchase additional sizes or customized lengths.

Purchase by real waistline dimension, NOT your pants dimensions. Just determine around your waistline in which you want to put on the kilt, and order that size. It's usually 2-4" above your typical pants dimensions: in other words. some guy which generally wears a size 36 jeans will probably use a 38 or 40 kilt.

Upgrade your Sporran!

If you want one of our advanced sporrans, you can upgrade it here for the difference between cost!

Update A, $10 much more

Upgrade B, $20 more

Upgrade C, $30 more

Upgrade D, $30 more

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