The Gael bagpipes

November 6, 2020
The Gael

The Gael polypenco pipe chanter"I piped because of the Gael chanter at my Aunt's funeral yesterday and sound ended up being perfect. Every person in attendance, all Scots/Irish, were more than pleased. I know think that the lower pitch really lent itself into large hand records of oft in a stilly evening and going home. Having today played it-all week, Im impressed by the tone and would not think of playing solamente without one. All the reeds were fine, exactly what i desired. If anyone has got the gall to complain about cost these are typically nuts, i acquired what I paid for: 9 great reeds, no duds, no grievances. Many thanks once more for getting your order on so quickly; it was a sad occasion, but i will be therefore pleased I'd the sound i desired to pipe my Aunt house."
Blair Brown, Ajax, Ontario

"The Gael" functions a thicker top hand, similar to chanters for the 1960s, and simpler to finger.

For years, pipers have actually reported concerning the increasing pitch of the pipeline chanter, yet it consistently increase. This trend affects lower quality rings above the top level 1 bands. Best groups possess players to aid the full chanter pitch well above 480 Herz. Not too with lower quality groups and road bands, that usually caught with a pitch that makes all of them sounding shrill, squeaky and unpleasant to listen to – even though they are in tune!

McCallum solamente chanter No more. "The Gael" was created to create the full, vibrant sound at 470 Herz. Depending on reed selection, it will probably tune comfortably anywhere between 470 and 475. This enables lower grade bands to show the full sound with a 'thick' top-hand timbre despite the easy reeds less experienced people favor.

The chanter comes in polypenco, and its ergonomic design harkens back once again to the fantastic old chanters regarding the 1950s. It features an excellent, dense throat enabling more precise high-hand fingering much less of hand tiredness that thinner necked chanters are susceptible.

"The Gael" ended up being created by McGillivray Piping in combination with Roddy MacLellan of MacLellan Bagpipes in Charleston, South Carolina. It's available just from McGillivray Piping.

Reproduced courtesy Mike Paterson and Piping Today.

Polypenco, ordinary, with reed
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The McC² McCallum/McCallum Solo Chanter

This new chanter has-been designed by one of many leading pipemakers on the planet to your tonal requirements for the leading solo rival on the planet. Willie McCallum supplied the input, and Stuart McCallum of McCallum Bagpipes created the chanter.

Inside the very first competitive outing using brand-new chanter, within Lochaber Gathering on August 3, 2007, Willie won all activities on the day — an uncommon task even with a familiar chanter!

Willie McCallum — the leading soloist in the field within the last 5 years and renowned for the tone and energy of his tool — training in the Ontario School of Piping at St. Andrew's College in 2003.

The McC² is made at a slightly lower pitch than most chanters being made these days, which many soloists will find a true blessing. This chanter may be set comfortably between 474 and 478 depending on the reed. It is very vibrant — typical of the McCallum brand name.
An additional design development many soloists will value, the chanter has-been made up of a view to getting rid of flat notes that restrict the range of reeds it may accept. Even though many pipers see a tape-free chanter while the perfect, Willie McCallum's philosophy (as well as that of several top soloists) is a chanter is built to accept the utmost number of reeds, and the performer will use tape as required to correct small sharpness as needed.

Many top-flight soloists see handful of tape on some top-hand records as a much-desired fine-tuning mechanism: another of Willie's philosophies.

The result of this very carefully considered process is exactly what may be the greatest solamente chanter available today.

Blackwood, basic, with reed
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Bagpipe Master: The Gael from the Last of the Mohicans on
Bagpipe Master: The Gael from the Last of the Mohicans on ...
The Gael. Bagpipes Last of the Mohicans Theme
The Gael. Bagpipes Last of the Mohicans Theme
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the gael on bagpipes last of the mohicans.MOV
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