McLeod Bagpipes

April 19, 2022
McLeod bagpipes in case with

Bagpipes complement A MASTER
The company ended up being delighted for a fee from Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh for design and creation of silver mounted bagpipes, that the University introduced to Their Majesties King Harald and Queen Sonja of Norway.
From Dundee to Dubai. We were honoured to receive a percentage from Dundee City Council to supply a drum-major’s Mace, that was provided to Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al-Maktoum (Deputy Ruler of Dubai) in the Dubai Sister Cities Forum, where Dundee became the modern sister city of Dubai.

Detail showing runic design hand engraved gold.
Full silver mounted bagpipe G&M model No.7

Very first Left: photo courtesy of Heriot Watt University: Bagpipes displayed to a gathering of Heriot Watt graduates prior to their particular distribution to your Royal Palace in Oslo.

As you read on we hope you also will deduce that there's no finer tool currently available as compared to G&M bagpipe. [Click right here for prices]

It ought to be noted that most genuine Gillanders & McLeod tools tend to be stamped either "Gillanders & McLeod" "McLeod, Forfar" or "G&M". If stamped "MacLeod" (note the different spelling), they're not G&M bagpipes.

Beware costly imitations!

The real history of Gillanders & McLeod, which may be directly traced to Scotland's Oldest Bagpipe Makers, Thow Brothers of Dundee. [click right here for history of the company]

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David & Michael McLeod bagpipes
David & Michael McLeod bagpipes
ca 1975 Mcleod of Forfar bagpipes- SOLD! on ebay
ca 1975 Mcleod of Forfar bagpipes- SOLD! on ebay
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