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February 25, 2022
Our House

ET30 Jewels HazelnutTreeCatkins-thA couple of self-proclaimed nuts cracking another marketplace


Elisabeth Burrow and Mitch Kosir will not mind at all if you tell them they are nuts. They knew that altering their life and jobs and venturing in to the realm of agriculture was going to be a tough fan to split and would raise some eyebrows. But this husband-and-wife staff has everything it can take to achieve success: passion and determination—and a wicked feeling of humour. What else can you expect from fan farmers and roasters whoever brand name is Jewels underneath the Kilt?

The couple's big move came in 2010 when Mitch's government IT task had him moving from Toronto to Guelph. A lifestyle modification had been imminent. Before the move, Lis (whom keeps a bachelor of music level, as well as two master's degrees—in geriatric health insurance and general public wellness) ended up being being employed as director of support solutions for Sodexo Canada's healthcare division. Inside her part overseeing patient foodservice she labored on compliance problems and had been an active proponent of employing fresh, local, high quality ingredients, nonetheless it was difficult to effect the kinds of changes she desired to see in a business that is full of budget limitations and fixed guidelines.

"i simply got sick and tired with the meals system in medical care, in which fresh ended up being ignored for frozen, " she says. "whenever I left Toronto, food wasn't my pal."

Jessie, Mitch and Lis

The few had been convinced that nation life could be good for their now 12-year-old child Jessie. They decided on a 95-acre home in Fergus. The land had formerly been made use of as an ornamental tree farm, with a few fruit woods in combine, and also the proprietors had in addition raised ostriches. It includes 30 miles of workable land, wetland and forested sections, plus a few outbuildings and an 1880s stone home.

ET30 Jewels Nut tray 2-thLis's handle Mitch ended up being that she'd stay at home on a two-year trial foundation, investing longer with Jessie while taking care of remodeling the house and barn. "I becamen't certain I could remain home, " she laughs.

Because it turns out, she could deal with being house, but she couldn't simply take becoming idle. Within a short while, Jessie had satisfied into the woman new college, and Lis into the woman brand-new outlying neighborhood. Exactly what she discovered was that nearby Guelph, and Wellington County as a whole, have actually a vibrant regional food motion; the county's Taste Real effort is a flourishing brand that earnestly promotes regional food growers, producers and organizations, because of the two-fold aim of encouraging consumers to aid neighborhood food and stimulate culinary tourism in your community.

Hazelnut catkins

This all served to rekindle Lis's enthusiasm for meals that's fresh and regional, supported by a residential district with networks that offer the message. She decided that the easiest way to obtain included would be to get growing. Given the history of their farm, the few chose to plant more fresh fruit woods as a-start. In the meantime, Lis discovered by herself with another hobby—roasting nuts.

ET30 Jewels L,M,Java-thMitch's parent and uncle own a sugar-maple farm in Mount Albert, Ontario. Each spring, they would send the couple even more maple syrup than they knew what to do with; not one to waste anything, Lis started initially to roast peanuts within tasty syrup. Nevertheless only location she after that understood of purchase the number of peanuts she required ended up being bulk grocery stores, in which quality and source cannot be guaranteed.

The natural answer would be to grow unique. Lis and Mitch performed a lot of analysis, which led all of them to Green Barn Farm in Quebec, in which they got help getting things begun. "We selected them for their familiarity with trees suitable for the climate with this area of Ontario, " Lis relates.

It absolutely was here they connected with arborist Steve La Rue, who became an excellent source of information in selecting the right woods for venture. Under his assistance, Lis and Mitch planted 100 fan and fruit woods. They currently have rather a number: Chinese chestnut, pecan, hazelnut, walnut, heart fan, butternut, hickory, beechnut, black walnut, green pearl and purple passion apples, pears, plumcots, peaches, chums, cherries, gooseberries, blueberries, purple blackberries, raspberries and mulberries. It is very obvious that they went full-speed ahead.

Mitch advises they spread the orchard plantings to meet up with the particular developing needs of every tree species, plus in many cases the woods are wrapped for first three years. "The walnut, heart nut, hazelnut and Chinese chestnuts we have invest areas where the tree outlines tend to be sheltered, around some woods originally planted into the 70s, " he describes. "Hazelnuts are pretty robust."

"Our pecans are in the previous ostrich pen area given that it's well suited for all of them, " Mitch continues, noting the pecans grow in tubes over the winter months, that are after that removed in the summertime. "The pecan we develop is called the ultra-northern, related to woods from the main and eastern U.S. states, since it's a climate closer to [ours]."

Mitch admits it's been an understanding bend discover where from the property the trees do best but, because of the nature for the farm, there is a lot of versatility. He keeps a close eye in the woods from period to period and maps out the ideal developing parts for every single species. "It really is hit or miss, actually, " he states. "We have some micro-climate places that are great."

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