The Kilts

March 12, 2021
After donning the kilts we

boys In Kilts Houston, weblog, Bob CavnarMen In Kilts launched its latest team area in Houston this past week, even though they have already been getting calls and providing service to customers within the Houston Southwest location since belated April, 2015.

Although the newest Franchise Owner to join the guys In Kilts household, Bob Cavnar isn't any stranger toward business world, nor is he a stranger to using a kilt!

“Three years ago, I saw it (the business) on the national news and extremely liked the whole concept. First off, as a result of my personal affinity for putting on kilts, and as a result of my family’s Scottish history, ” Cavnar told CultureMap. “i truly wished to have an item of the action because I thought it could be fun. But at that time, I happened to be still hefty within the oil company and didn’t have enough time.Men In Kilts Blog Houston release Now I do, thus I bought the Houston franchise and intend to increase to all or any the major towns in Texas. “

“This offers me personally a beneficial platform to supply great steady tasks to guys who require all of them. Anybody who is within good shape and does not mind climbing on a ladder, i'll employ.”

Now that a complete ensemble of Kilted Technicians have been in spot, Men In Kilts Houston is able to spiff up the town along with their professional window-cleaning, gutter cleaning, siding cleaning and stress washing solutions!

Narcotic - The Kilts
Narcotic - The Kilts
King of the Kilts
King of the Kilts
The Kilts - Wimmfest 2013
The Kilts - Wimmfest 2013
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