Gerard Butler Kilt

May 30, 2022
Gerard Butler in Wrath of Gods

(especially when kilts had been involved)

Sean Connery

Gerard Butler

Alan Rickman

don't know do not care

Richard Armitage

Ewan McGregor

Alan Cummings

Tom Hiddleston

Billy Connolly

Liam Neeson

David Tennant

Fifty Colors of Plaid

St. Patrick's Time in Chicago

Keifer Sutherland and MR BIG



1. If a child is kidnapped within an account on a television show, do not ever before be concerned. They never ever get killed or molested, plus they are always came back at the conclusion.

2. If you notice a mix, much more especially a crucifix, from the wall surface of a bed room, they have been a Spanish or Mexican family members. If you notice a cross or a crucifix into the family area, they've been bigots, serial killers or insane. A cross has become tv shorthand for mentally unbalanced, or Latinos.

3. A female in a tv series won't get an abortion. The liberal Hollywood script-writer (i'm a bleeding-heart liberal myself therefore never start screaming at myself) could make certain that everybody is informed it's a woman's directly to have an abortion, its her human body,

yada yada yada

nonetheless they never ever in fact write an abortion to the script. That will be fine beside me, I don't wish to see somebody get an abortion often.

4. Flicks on cable are actually a lot better than flicks into the movie theater.

5. The most effective buddy for the scared lady is often accountable of experiencing an event using the woman's husband, or she lusts after him.

6. Once the camera sneaks up behind a person's head they are going to be attacked - get prepared to scream.

7. Only an idiot would go into the dark cellar, or walk up into a dark hall, whenever a light suddenly is out. Yet they do.

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Gerard Butler on Regis and Kelly Show (Part 1)
Gerard Butler on Regis and Kelly Show (Part 1)
GERARD BUTLER: Kilt Wardrobe Malfunction?! (The Graham
GERARD BUTLER: Kilt Wardrobe Malfunction?! (The Graham ...
Gerard Butler (The Kilt)
Gerard Butler (The Kilt)
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