Scottish folk rock

June 16, 2021
Scottish folk-rock

Image‘Quickbeam’ by Quickbeam

This beautiful self-titled debut launch from Scottish musical organization Quickbeam is working it's means into my affections quickly. Once I saw the movie for ‘Immersed’ I knew I experienced stumbled on anything unique

This business are not not used to music and now have not out of the blue appeared from no place having steadily plied their trade regarding people scene the past 3 years approximately. This is certainly possibly why discover such a finished environment for their debut with a depth of emotion and feeling that lends a tangibly plaintive environment across the 12 songs.

The combination of Monika Gromeks beautiful vocals with piano, cello, electric guitar, trombone and harmonium is practical wonder which swells like sea and builds into wonderful levels of sound – specifically the above mentioned track ‘Immersed’ with a feel of Sigur Ros from their particular Harf-Heim DVD/album in which they perform acoustically at regional venues across Iceland.

In addition get the feel of the gorgeous album ‘Diamond Mine’ from King Creosote and Jon Hopkins – a large favourite of mine along with it’s easy, elegant and understated shades.

Quickbeam stand up to these references and now have created a persuasive, albeit mild, album which is a good partner when you need to relax and contemplate and luxuriate in the environment and state of mind of acoustically relaxing music.

Songs such as ‘Fall’ tend to be charming. Minimal words in conjunction with a build up of an easy refrain adding strings, piano, cello and eventually trombone develop a moving, elegant piece.

This can be taken more with ‘Home’ where the mild opening leads into a positive drum finale with all the calm vocals cleansing beautifully outrageous resulting in pure folk-post-rock majesty.

Perhaps the track brands are minimalist – ‘Remember’, ‘Matter’, ‘Grace’ – all reflecting a peaceful self-confidence with what this musical organization are trying to achieve and with this record they undoubtedly deliver.

Basically were to try to pin straight down their particular sound, I would personally explain Quickbeam as a Scottish people Sigur Ros, but there is enough specific quality and ideas here for them to stay proud and develop a great following about this showing.

Scottish/Irish Folk Rock Band
Scottish/Irish Folk Rock Band
20090307 Scottish Folk Rock Band at the 9th Annual
20090307 Scottish Folk Rock Band at the 9th Annual ...
Scottish Folk Rock Live in Edinburgh
Scottish Folk Rock Live in Edinburgh
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