Kilt and plaid

May 28, 2020
The kilt and plaid adorned

The following is a demonstration on how to wear the breacan an fheilidh (belted plaid) or feile mor (great kilt). Typically, the belted plaid ended up being created from two lengths of 5 ells of wool (usually tartan) stitched together to really make the garment 60 inches broad or thereabouts. The looms of the times usually produced fabric around 30 ins broad, hence the requirement of stitching two pieces collectively to obtain the desired width. It took about a-year for your family members to spin enough raw wool into thread to produce outstanding kilt. If a mans family members worked tough, together with weaver had been truthful this could be a 30 inches by nine lawn piece of wool that was after that cut-in one half and stitched collectively during the center to produce a 60 inch by 4 1/2 lawn plaid (blanket). The complete nine yards

First thing should lay-out the plaid

It's my job to kneel regarding plaid utilizing the side within my ankles, this generally seems to provide me personally a panel of proper width for my own body size. You then start pulling the material in your direction folding it in a uniform fashion, I usually choose among cross stripes about 4-6" apart.

You keep up with this and soon you have actually the same panel left regarding opposing region of the plaid away from you. These folds will form the pleats behind the feile mor. The basic idea here is getting all of this product behind you, off the beaten track, until such time you need it.

Anlegen des Belted Plaid (Great Kilt), deutsch
Anlegen des Belted Plaid (Great Kilt), deutsch
Montando um kilt completo (belted plaid)
Montando um kilt completo (belted plaid)
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