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June 17, 2018
Woman Playing Bagpipes
By Nancy Kane

May possibly not be summer time in Hamptons, but it’s the hectic period for Dermot Meaney.It’s parade period. Therefore the climate is not cooperating.

Snow, rainfall, freezing cold—that doesn’t end the Eastern extended Island Police Pipes and Drums, a team of neighborhood police officers and civilians who celebrate camaraderie through conventional Irish folk-music. And also at 14, Dermot, who's in eighth class at Southampton Intermediate class, is the youngest bagpiper in the band—and among the youngest on longer Island.

The 25-year-old band has been busy marching in St. Patrick’s Day parades from the East End over the last a couple of weeks and will indulge in the Hampton Bays parade this Saturday. And marching front and center should be Dermot Meaney.

Dermot found the tuba at age 12 in the encouragement of their mom, Erin Meaney. While Dermot liked the impression of playing a guitar, the tuba only ended up beingn’t it. Once more motivated by their mom, Dermot made a decision to take to the bagpipes.

“i enjoy parades, and my personal favorite part ended up being constantly the bagpipes. I got a unique experience whenever bagpipers marched by, ” Dermot stated over French fries and a cherry Coke at Sip ‘n’ Soda. “It made me feel … we don’t know, pride—and it stirred some thing in me.”

Perhaps it’s inside the bloodstream: Dermot’s father, Shea Meaney, was created in Ireland, hailing from County Kildare.

The youthful musician, the trail had beenn’t easy. Dermot put in the full year . 5 of practice before he won a place into the musical organization. After intensive exclusive rehearsals, his instructor, and something of creators of the Eastern extended Island Police Pipes and Drums, thought he had been good enough to participate.

Todd Bennett took Dermot to a Hampton Bays rehearsal. Based on Mr. Bennett, “13 to 14 is a great age to test. Particular kids have a feeling of readiness at that age.

“It’s really typical to see dads bringing sons to try out bagpipes, ” he carried on. “But Dermot may be the very first who's got not accompanied up in that way. I believed he had been prepared. He's got a passion for music, having played at school bands also songs bands. The fire was at him—he was an easy task to show.”

“The first track I discovered was ‘Rowan’s Tree, ’” Dermot said. “And i believe my instructor could inform I became having the hang of it, because my foot kept tapping.”

Dermot acknowledges his passion for percussion—he played drums in his cousin Liam’s musical organization the 2009 summer time—has aided him with this difficult traditional tool. “There’s plenty of hand-eye, lung-finger coordination, ” he said. “nonetheless it’s worthwhile. I did son’t know it might be beneficial in the beginning. In the beginning, it absolutely was lots of quitting my Sundays to apply. Now I rehearse with all the musical organization on Monday nights, whenever we’re not in parade period. But I desired to take action, and I also understood I Possibly Could do so.”

The bagpipes aren’t the easiest tool to learn. You will find three drones—two tenors and one bass that sustain one constant note—plus the chanter, whose hand holes produce the melody. Each pipe is hand-tuned by lengthening or shortening it, and each collection of pipelines should be tuned to your other people inside band. The bagpiper needs to strike environment in and press atmosphere away. Not a simple task.

Pipe Major Detective Michael Smith talked about Dermot’s participation in musical organization. “Dermot’s share reinvigorates the older men. We aim to this youthful individual doing this, and it pushes us all.

“Youth may be the future, ” he stated. “We’re growing older and older, so we’re planning to fizzle away. And young ones like Dermot remind us that we now have young people who wish to keep on with this great legacy of Irish tradition and heritage.”

Element of that Irish history may be the uniforms. Dermot’s face lights up as he talks about the unique military-style coats and sporrans—the Gaelic term for “pouch.” Dermot describe these were initially created for holding ammo, the good news is hold cellphones, consequently they are usually adorned with shamrocks.

Then there's the hat with ribbons down the back, a Celtic gear and horsehair that hangs through the waist, and spats and wool clothes. The kilt took some used to, but Dermot said he really loves everything.

“I went to Ireland with my children whenever I was 11, and I also love Irish culture, and Irish culture and Irish music get together, ” he stated.

Back home, seeing parades, their dad would mention various groups and explain to Dermot it was efforts to stay one of these bands. He also told Dermot that they had been formed for essential explanations and had been extremely important to Irish culture. “Back then, I became just taken in by it all and thought just how amazing it will be to march alongside these men that we admire, ” he recalls.

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