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October 3, 2015
Broun Clan Crest

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. The name Broun, interchangeable with Brown, is extremely common in Scotland and is in excess of one source. Its a standard forename in Old English charters, as Brun, from an adjective definition brown or dark-red.
It occurs in Old High German as Brunn, Braun or Broon and it is the foundation of this French surname le Brun. A household of this name were owners of Cumberland lands right after the Norman conquests. In many cases this indicates become a namedescribing the appearance of the initial bearers tresses and/or complextion.

. The Brouns of Colstoun were heads associated with family members untill the 1890's but they are not formally recognised therefore by Lord Lyon's legal, Sir William Windsor Broun 13th Baronet of Colstoun of brand new South Wales, Australia, is recognised by Lord Lyon's legal, additionally the College of Arms. The Brouns of Colstoun claim lineage from Royal home of France. They bear on the shield the 3 fleur-de-lys for the French Monarchy. The Brouns of Colstoun additionally claim lineage from George Broun which in 1543 wedded Jean Hay 2nd child of Lord Yester, ancestor associated with the Marquess of Tweeddale.

. The dowry contained the "Colstoun Pear" that has been believed to are invested with wondrous capabilities by the 13th Century wizard and necromancer Hugo de Gifford of Yester. This pear was supposed to ensure unfailing prosperity from the family members which possessd it. The pear was thought to have been because fresh as time it absolutely was chosen until when you look at the seventeenth Century a pregnant descendant, desiring the good fresh fruit which was out-of-season, took a bite of it, whereupon it became as difficult as stone. Patrick Broun of Colstoun is made a Baronet of Nova Scotia in 1686, the name to be passed on to their male heirs.

. On their death he left only a girl just who inherited their belongings as the subject visited the male branch associated with household. Members of a younger branch of Broun of Colstoun decided in Elsinore, Denmark in which they truly became prominent merchants; title is still found indeed there these days.

We welcome anybody who desires to join the Clan Brown community. Our official position is claimed in our Statement of Purpose which follows:

The Clan Brown Society is a non-profit and social company. It's goals are to ascertain, market while increasing kinship and good fellowship one of the descendants of ancestral (Brown's)Broun's of Scotland, under our Clan Chief, Sir William Windsor Broun 13th Baronet of Colston as well as the Clan Chief for the Brown's of Scotland. In addition strives to analyze their history and genealogy within Scotland and globally, also to foster and advertise a common understanding and relationship with those of similar ancestry and thoughts throughout the world. Community membership comprises gents and ladies that descendants of any Scottish person surnamed Brown, together with anyone with an interest inside Browns of Scotland, their particular history, and things Scottish. All individuals are welcome to Join.

Applications can be found on our site. Fill it then click file and click Print twice and mail one to your genealogist and post others along with your payment to the web site admin.

See home elevators purchasing at Geoffrey the Tailor in Scotland 800)-566-1467, or
J.Higgins Inc. Lenexa, KS. 800) 426-7268 or
The Clan Brown on Line shop at In addition at
They all in addition sells connections, scarves, sashes alongside things. Hats, Tee Shirts, Coffee Cups, HatBadge's and Kilt Pins are available direct from Clan Brown .
HIGHLAND EMBROIDERY 6310 HWY 221 S, BLOWING ROCK, NC 28605 MOBILE: 828-295-3011 / 800-852-2492 FAX: 828-295-6923 EMAIL: CLUNYC@BOONE.NET INTERNET SITE:

As an alternative, you can easily speak to your regional Kilt Maker and ask all of them if they can obtain the Clan Brown Tartan, that will be woven by many of Scotland Textile Manufactures. But the material is subject to a surcharge and you'll discover that it is more costly Direct through the manufactures. You may even purchase yardage from Gibb MacKenzie and possess neighborhood Kilt Maker usage that to help make your kilt.

Glance at our Games & Events web page. The games and day tend to be held updated but a number of the data can become out-of-date since our Representatives tend to be hectic men and women. It's encouraged that you contact the folks operating the games during the telephone numbers provided, before you travel an extended length making sure things have not changed. If you reside in a state where we do not have a Representative, while wish to set-up your personal tent at among games, contact our officials to find out more.

Started to the yearly Gathering & fulfilling (AGM) . We hold our yearly company conference and attend a Scottish Games occasion as a bunch at Loon hill each year. Expect numerous buddies, old and brand new. Good songs, Great conversation, Clan Brown history classes and we also get just a little business done at conference.

Like all Latin mottos it may be interpreted in a number of other ways. A literal interpretation would translate it as "Let Majesty Flourish". "Majestas"in classical Latin designed majesty. Without a doubt the English term majesty originates from it. "Floreat"is the third person single crucial tight of the verb meaning to thrive, or in some feeling to rose. "Majestas" in medieval Latin stumbled on have an alternative definition closer to treason. An alternative solution interpretation could be "allow Majesty Flower". My Son has actually pointed out in his book that various other Browns have actually mottos particularly Famae Studiosus Honestae, Croolet fitchee, Rex Scotorum Omnibus, Reseruato Libero. Each generation had an unusual motto. However by rule regarding the Court of the Lord Lyon and Scottish Heraldry, the first motto used belongs to the male side of the Family, and therefore towards the Clan Chief, Sir William Windsor Broun 13th Baronet of Colstoun.

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