Mitchell Tartan Kilt

March 19, 2018
Service dress[edit]

My Brand New Kilt Arrived These Days!

Well that was fast.

At the start of the thirty days, I ordered a bespoke, eight yard kilt in 16oz Mitchell modern wool tartan.

I’m a contemporary Mitchell.


It arrived in precisely three days!

Right here it's right out of the package:

It’s less wrinkly since it seems – the lines and wrinkles fell away whenever I put on the kilt.

It was made by who owns USA Kilts, Rocky Roeger. He also included some leftover material, adequate to make a tie or garter flashes or cuff links . . .

The pleats had been held in transportation by two rows of basting stitches.The textile was woven by House of Edgar. The stripes are thinner than back at my other kilts. As well as the blue is bluer.

Inside above image I experiencedn’t yet eliminated the basting stitches.

I happened to be astonished by exactly how heavy-duty the straps together with construction are. It’s a good, well built garment.

Obviously, I attempted it in straight away.

It fit great!

However removed the basting stitches and put it right back on.

It’s really, extremely comfortable. There’s every night and day difference in convenience between this kilt and my classic kilt. It’s great. I’m therefore excited.

I decided to own it pleated into stripe in army fashion. usakilt
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