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December 31, 2021
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At Sport Kilt, our objective should supply people of most centuries the opportunity to celebrate the best Celtic tradition live now: kilts! Sport Kilt offers an inexpensive replacement for the usually very costly, really heavy wool apparel. Our kilts use modern materials which are light, comfortable, everyday, and machine-washable. For sale in lots of different tartans, styles, and customized details, Sport Kilts are exclusively ideal for all occasions, from rowdy sporting events to elegant wedding parties. All of our kilts tend to be hand-made in the usa predicated on our original styles.

Discover The Method That You Do It!

  • Step 1. Pick out the very best recreation Kilt style for your needs. The first, the Works, the Commando, the Ultra-Mini.we have actually over 18 designs for men, females, young ones, and even children!
  • Action 2. select your favorite tartan. We carry-over 60 old and contemporary tartans and solid and team colors.
  • Step 3. add custom details like belt loops, pouches, buckles, or perimeter. Create your Sport Kilt a one-of-a-kind creation!
  • Step four. finish your look with accessories like a normal sporran, kilt hose pipe (socks), and flashes.
  • Action 5. begin turning minds along with your individualized, custom-made Sport Kilt!

Hand-Sew here is how exactly we develop It!

Step One: Select Material

First we choose the roll of product because of the tartan, plaid, or shade to-be changed to an activity Kilt.

2: Cut to Shape

We roll out the material on a dining table and cut-out the material to be used in a Sport Kilt, or cut it to your size we need to make a customized kilt towards specifications.

3: Hand-Sew

Each Sport Kilt is handmade one at a time within California.

Step 4: Press

When the kilt is finished, it is pushed for your success

Step 5: Get Ready For Shipment!

Right here we initial recreation Kilts all set to go

Action 6: Tailor

Once you select a "Works" model Sport Kilt, or custom functions like Sewn-Down Pleats, Belt Loops, Leather Buckle Straps, Pockets, or Fringe, we deliver the Original Sport Kilt back into our custom store having all of them included with your kilt.


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Pantless Sunday - Sport Kilt
Pantless Sunday - Sport Kilt
Sport Kilt- A Man in a Kilt is a Man and a Half
Sport Kilt- A Man in a Kilt is a Man and a Half
Sport Kilt Commercial- Fishing
Sport Kilt Commercial- Fishing
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