Irish VS Scottish Bagpipes

May 18, 2018
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Uilleann Pipes

The uilleann pipes (pronounced "illun"; from the Irish píob uilleann-"elbow pipelines") are the most complex and highly-evolved of most bagpipes. Notoriously hard to play, the oft-cited Irish adage towards pipes is it will take 21 many years to make a piper: seven years learning, seven many years practicing, and seven many years playing. They truly are a challenging instrument certainly, but we cannot think about an even more stunning and satisfying instrument to play.

Uilleann pipelines have actually three components that work collectively to generate their particular miracle sound:
1.) The chanter, which plays the melody, and contains a double reed like an oboe. Unlike almost all other kinds of bagpipes, the uilleann pipeline chanter can perform a fully-chromatic two octave range.
2.) The drones, which perform a sustained note (D). The tenor drone is tuned towards the bell note associated with chanter, the baritone drone one octave reduced, additionally the bass drone two octaves lower. Whenever correctly tuned, the harmonics tend to be extremely wealthy.
3.) The regulators, that are keyed chanters put into the stock above the drones. When used the piper's wrist or hand, they can create chords and counter-melody. With so many components employed in unison, it's little wonder that a typical very early title the uilleann pipes ended up being "the Irish organ."

PictureThe uilleann pipelines are a lot quieter than Scottish bagpipes consequently they are supposed to be played indoors. They have a sweet tone that combinations well with fiddle, flute, along with other Irish conventional instruments. Im extremely lucky to play on an amazing set constructed from boxwood, ebony, and metal by three of the best contemporary manufacturers, Cillian Ó Bríain, Gordon Galloway, and Michael Hubbert.

Scottish Highland Bagpipes

The Scottish Highland bagpipe, or pìob mhór in Gaelic, may be the quintessential tool for the Scottish Gaels. Through its use by Scottish regiments inside Uk army, it became more famous member of the bagpipe household. Today, one will discover individuals playing Scottish bagpipes in nearly all part around the globe.

Although people are acquainted with tunes such "Amazing sophistication" and "Scotland the Brave", the repertoire regarding the tool is obviously incredibly vast and varied. From thrilling strathspeys, reels, and jigs on very complex and plaintive noise of ceòl mór, the art music of Gaeldom, the pipes are capable of immense musical expression.

imageI perform a set of R.G. Hardie drones with a Peter Henderson chanter.

Scottish Smallpipes

The Scottish smallpipes had been as soon as played over the whole of Scotland. Much quieter than their particular Highland cousin, they were preferred for playing at indoor dances. They'd faded out because of the beginning of the twentieth century, nevertheless they were resurrected during the early 1980s mainly because of the attempts of piper and pipemaker Hamish Moore, which performed and recorded on tool and began to make brand new and enhanced smallpipes according to eighteenth century styles. These are generally now much more widely played than previously.

Like uilleann pipelines, the Scottish smallpipes tend to be powered by a bellows strapped on piper's supply. They usually have an abundant, warm tone that appears wonderful by itself and blends beautifully with all the fiddle. We play a collection pitched in A made from ebony, cocobolo, and gold by Hamish Moore of Dunkeld, Scotland.

Wood Concert Flute

The wooden concert flute had been once the mainstay associated with the European symphony orchestra, and a well known tool among the list of landed gentry in many countries-notably Ireland. Inside 1850s, these instruments began to be abandoned in favor of Theobald Boehm's radically redesigned silver flute. As old flutes got thrown on, they discovered their particular way to the hands of the hired assistance who rapidly found that the tool had been well suited for playing Irish dance music. It's been used in Irish traditional music from the time.
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