Grand Kilt

May 3, 2024
After a fantastic success aided by the kilt raffle just last year, we are going to have a similar special Grand Raffle during the Burns Supper event in 2016! And our user, Mr. Richard Kvam, your Committee is quite very happy to present the Grand Prize of one field pleated bespoke kilt within the Norwegian evening tartan, becoming designed to the lucky champion's dimensions by known kilt maker Lady Chrystel.
How exactly to purchase seats
Passes are NOK 100 each and will be purchased at any Cally meeting up to Burns Supper, by calling the Secretary that will jot down the purchase.

Alternatively, Members can purchase tickets by transferring any amount in increments of NOK 100 towards Cally's account, quantity, making sure to include an obvious note of NAME, NUMBER OF TICKETS, while the text "KILT RAFFLE" when making the repayment. If spending by bank transfer, be sure to additionally deliver a contact to and giving the same information. When the Treasurer verifies the payment, the Secretary will register your tickets and confirm to you via email.

All seats purchased are going to be registered and tracked because of the Committee - no physical violation would be given.

Prize: One bespoke box pleated kilt into the Norwegian evening tartan
Exactly how much: NOK 100 per solution
How exactly to enter: Either at conferences through the Secretary or via lender payment to account quantity 923.

Tilted Kilt Skokie Grand Opening
Tilted Kilt Skokie Grand Opening
Tilted Kilt Grand Opening 7-9-15
Tilted Kilt Grand Opening 7-9-15
Iamsu - 100 Grand [Kilt 2] (REMIX) *2013*
Iamsu - 100 Grand [Kilt 2] (REMIX) *2013*
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