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September 7, 2019
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Jacket Measuring GuideExpected Kilt Length

Ordinarily, your kilt size will match with the following guides. If it is substantially various, try using the dimensions once more. Whether it's a little different, then it could be down seriously to preference or body shape. See our records below for more info.

Level 5' 6" to 5' 7" = 22" to 22.5" kilt length
Level 5' 8 to 5' 9" = 23" to 23.5" kilt length
Level 5' 10" to 5' 11" = 24" to 24.5" kilt size
Height 6' to 6' 2" = 24.5" to 25.5" kilt size
Level 6' 3" to 6" 4" = 26" to 26.5" kilt size
Level 6' 5" to 6' 7" = 27" to 27.5" kilt size

Please be aware:

Along your kilt fall is determined by how large you intend to put on the kilt in your waistline. If wearing a short coat eg a Prince Charlie, you might want to have your kilt an inch or two much longer such that it sits higher on the waistline. However, standard kilts should always be used on center of knee-cap, while armed forces kilts tend to be worn a little shorter to the the top of knee cap. When calculating the kilt size, the user should kneel and have now somebody take a measurement from where in fact the top of the kilt will remain, down seriously to the ground.

In which you put on the kilt on your waist is entirely your decision, and it is right down to personal choice. However the standard level is just about the navel and as a result it is really worth noting that the kilt waist dimensions may be somewhat bigger than your trouser waist dimensions.

Trouser Measuring GuideJacket Measuring Guide

Whenever calculating for a coat it is worthwhile putting on the type of top which is used with all the jacket.

Use a flexible tape and measure round the fullest part of the chest. Stay straight but relaxed and try to not ever take a good deep breath in or out because will affect the upper body measurement. Ensure that the tape is directly across the straight back. Either ask someone to measure you or look-in a mirror to test this. Don’t pull the tape firmly, and look the dimensions in the tape. In the event your upper body dimensions falls between two sizes, order the size up if you prefer your coat become an easy fit.

Trouser Gauging Guide

The essential difference between the within and external knee measurement should determine the level associated with waistline of the trousers.

If you are putting on the trousers with a quick jacket such as a Prince Charlie, you might want to make your outdoors leg measurement slightly longer to accommodate them being used higher up on your own waist. Instead, if purchasing customized Argyll or Miltary style trews after that please take into account the extra 2"-3" level whenever calculating the exterior knee measurement (see blue dotted line on image).

Hat Measuring Guide

Before, every gentleman understood their cap size, just like he knew his clothing dimensions. However, these sizes are in imperial eighths and these days we usually measure in centimetres. It’s less difficult, and more trustworthy, to own some one determine your head available. We advice using some thing versatile, either a cloth tape measure, or a length of ribbon and even sequence. What you may utilize, it will not be elastic as this won't provide an exact measurement.

Wrap the tape all over head, and make sure this is done at destination you would like the musical organization associated with hat to sit. Then you can examine what number of centimetres this is certainly, and order top dimensions. You’ll discover the sizes inside fall down menu called Hat Size. We recommend you decide on by centimetre size, even though we show the imperial sizes also. We repeat this as it’s the tradition, but just dismiss all of them unless you're very more comfortable with imperial sizes.

Kilted Bros Sizing Video
Kilted Bros Sizing Video
Well Designed Kilts In Excellent Fabric and Size
Well Designed Kilts In Excellent Fabric and Size
Sport Kilt - Custom Kilt Sizing Instructions
Sport Kilt - Custom Kilt Sizing Instructions
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