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March 13, 2024
Jay Ryze - Bagpipes (Radio

The Japan staff celebrate the surprise conquer Southern Africa, September 19, 2015.Ahead of Japan's quote to conquer an additional major country within Rugby World Cup when they play Scotland overnight, listed below are five rugby and historical backlinks involving the two countries.


Scots bring rugby to Japan

Scotland is credited with introducing rugby to Japan. For many it absolutely was believed that rugby was initially played in Japan in 1899. However, analysis by Japan rugby historian Mike Galbraith unveiled that two Scots, Lord Walter Kerr, who had been in order to become Britain's senior naval officer, and George Hamilton, who had been educated at Rugby School in England, had played crucial functions in bringing rugby toward nation inside 1860s at Yokohama Football Club.

Pipes songs into the ears of Japanese

Japanese rugby fans at Gloucester for World Cup match may sympathise with Scottish counterparts crazy at a ban on bagpipes for safety explanations. The Highland Games take place every year in Japan with all the Tokyo Pipe Band - formed in 1974 for the go to of Queen Elizabeth II - supplying a musical background. the Tokyo Pipe Band need certainly to practice in office vehicle parks due to the noise.

Scotland unbeaten

Scotland have played Japan four times and won them all. The very last time, in 2013, Scotland, won 42-17. In 2004, at the St Johnstone football ground Scotland beat Japan by an archive 100-8.

Scotland rugby advisor Vern Cotter

Scots which left their particular mark on Japanese history

Scotland rugby mentor Vern CotterDr Henry Faulds went to Japan as a Presbyterian missionary surgeon in 1873. He added on health benefit of Japan however it was at 1880 within the arena of finger printing which he left a long-lasting impression. Faulds ended up being believing that every person's fingertips had been special and got an early possiblity to prove the idea when there is a break-in at his clinic and through his way of tracking fingerprints with ink he prevented the Japanese authorities from arresting the incorrect guy. Businessman Thomas Glover referred to as 'Scottish Samurai', made a fortune in Japan inside 19th century and built Glover House, the oldest western building in the nation, and its historic landscapes in Nagasaki. Some say it will be the setting for Puccini's famed intimate opera Madame Butterfly and therefore his Japanese partner Tsuru was the model for Cho-Cho san, the woman who'd a child with a Westerner and had been abandoned. Tsuru's family family members crest was a butterfly. As ever with your tales there was much discussion throughout the truth.

Whisky bonds

Both countries share a passion for Scotland's most well known product, whisky. But lately the Japanese took a liking to making their own. Certainly a Japanese solitary malt ended up being named the whole world's most readily useful whisky in November just last year and instead just like the 'Brave Blossoms' conquer Southern Africa the success was branded a 'wake up call' for Scottish distillers. Nothing of this might have been possible however for a Scottish woman, Jessie Roberta Taketsuru (nee Cowan), better known as Rita. She moved to Japan along with her Japanese spouse when you look at the 1920s in which he set-up a distillery at Yoichi on Hokkaido island. After some tough many years, it resulted in a major whisky player. "Rita played a very important part in Masataka's life work, " Japanese distillery government Emiko Kaji told the BBC. "She provided not only ethical support additionally monetary support if they had a challenging time." She passed away in 1961.

Bagpipe Beats - Radio Edit
Bagpipe Beats - Radio Edit
Pigface - Radio Bagpipe (The Protomartyr Mix)
Pigface - Radio Bagpipe (The Protomartyr Mix)
Village Rockerz feat. Jay Ryze - Bagpipes (Radio Edit)
Village Rockerz feat. Jay Ryze - Bagpipes (Radio Edit)
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