Scottish folk art

September 5, 2022
Scottish Folk Art Tea

Alexandria, Virginia regarding Potomac RiverMy minimal version folk art prints feature Alexandria and lots of other locations including ny, Boston, Nantucket, Philadelphia, Cape Cod, Washington, DC, Annapolis, Rehoboth, DE, Williamsburg and Cape Hatteras. Because I reside in Alexandria I have numerous photos depicting the unique qualities of the unique eighteenth Century city. Alexandria has many parades such as the Alexandria Scottish Walk, that we have painted repeatedly, also it constantly brings a smile to begin to see the many bagpipers and Scotty puppies at Scottish Walk. The Scottish Walk folk art print is regarded as my most well known prints. The Halloween Parade, that we depicted in “Ghost Tours”, is a popular event in Alexandria and offers canines and individuals in all method of crazy and funny costumes. As a folk artist, I prefer laughter and shade to inform the story of Alexandria. Currently, We have over thirty people art images from my original paintings of Alexandria.

The Alexandria Farmers’ marketplace was an ongoing event in Alexandria for over 200 many years and one of the most beloved tasks inside town. Every Saturday early morning between 6:00am and 11:00am farmers, florists, crafters and designers bring their products to Market Square in the Alexandria City Hall plaza to market and socialize. Because dogs are not permitted regarding the square throughout the market, you will observe well behaved puppies sitting because of the curb linked with a pole waiting patiently due to their proprietors. It's a happy time and energy to fulfill pals and purchase wonderful products the week. I have been offering my initial American people art paintings, United states folk art images, folk art note cards, Farmers’ Market tote bags, children’s book and Alexandria and Washington xmas ornaments at marketplace for 13 many years while having made numerous lasting friendships over those years. I've coated the Alexandria Farmers’ Market on canvas and it is reproduced on minimal version prints, note cards, tote bags and tees. My picture of this Farmers’ Market is utilized on the introductory flyer at the market.

Alexandria, VA has many historical sites and I have actually folk art limited version prints and people art note cards of numerous of them including Gadsby’s Tavern, The Alexandria Friendship Firehouse, The Carlyle home, George Washington’s town-house, The Ramsay House, Alexandria Christ Church, The Old Presbyterian Meeting House, Mount Vernon, the Campagna Center and Gunston Hall. All the Alexandria historic web sites present a particular view of Alexandria in the 18th through twentieth centuries. Because most docents and workers at these sites come in period outfit, I blend the old because of the brand new in my folk art paintings and prints.

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