Scottish Paintings

January 13, 2024
South Harris, Western Isles

The BBC is currently informing on BBC Scotland - but is not broadcasting this south of this border. However I recently discovered that, extremely sensobly, all the programmes are actually accessible to most of us who are able to access BBC iPlayer.

I haven't watched them all as yet nevertheless the small I seen advise they are all going to be fascinating. I'm 'flying blind' with regards to the images i have included into for this post and may also change them when I've viewed most of the programmes.

Hyperlinks towards programmes on iPlayer are included into the name of every episode

Hyperlinks to paintings following the name relate genuinely to the number of digitised paintings by that artist held in BBC Your Paintings internet site. I'm able to certainly suggest having a look at these as by witnessing an electronic retrospective of a collection of their paintings you get a far greater admiration for the scope and value of an artist.

By the end I've included links to more details about Scottish art and artists.

The storyline of Scottish Art

was broadcast on BBC Scotland earlier this month but had not been shown south of edge - it is today obtainable via iPlayer!

The show is considered the most committed ever before done in regards to the reputation for Scottish Art. It addresses some 5, 000 years, from earliest Neolithic art for this time. The target is to

  • explore developments and innovations in art over the hundreds of years,
  • place Scottish art in a worldwide context and
  • relate the art towards story of Scotland’s personal and governmental record.
  • forging today's art for a modern Scotland The blogger and presenter associated with the series is who many will bear in mind through the Big Painting Challenge earlier on this year.
    “Scotland’s artistic history is wealthy and complex. People usually realize about the ‘Scottish Colourists’ however when you appear beyond this little group of painters, you recognise that for 5, 000 years, generations of musicians and artists from Scotland happen creating and innovating with extraordinary bravery. They’ve consistently pressed in the boundaries of exactly what art can do and asked what it actually way to be a ‘Scottish' artist. As a painter myself personally i think an actual urge to know the motivations as well as the difficulties which have confronted performers from Scotland for the centuries. Just how they’ve helped determine their very own culture whilst being informed and impressed because of the many revolutionary intercontinental art motions associated with day." There are four episodes as follows.

    The Westray Wife

    This focuses on:
  • a visit to Orkney and encounters with
  • the Ring of Brodgar in Orkney, a rock circle which has had stood for many thousands of years.
  • the Westray Wife, an old figurine regarding area of Westray this is the earliest sculpted person figure inside British Isles.
  • the sophisticated art of this Picts therefore the Gaels
  • the exuberant Renaissance amount of the early Stuart leaders
  • the destruction of artworks in Scotland after the Reformation
  • This features:
    The Skating Minister by Henry Raeburn
    the most popular portraits in the UK
  • the blossing of Scottish Art when you look at the eighteenth century - as a result of the intellectual transformation associated with the Enlightenment while the classical impact of this continent
  • the introduction of a fresh social identity and a generation of Scottish designers:
  • Self Portrait of Allan Ramsay

    Embracing the 19th century, this event talks about a generation whom transformed the way in which we saw Scotland's landscape and identity. It targets:
  • how Scotland's musicians challenged the traditions they had inherited
  • exactly how Scottish art ended up being revolutionised by those musicians whom embraced the latest means of seeing and painting from Continent
  • Shows feature:

  • Source:
    Skye Cliff Part 1: Scottish Landcscape Painting Demonstration
    Skye Cliff Part 1: Scottish Landcscape Painting Demonstration
    Scottish Landscape Paintings
    Scottish Landscape Paintings
    Skye Cliff Part 2: Scottish Landcscape Painting Demonstration
    Skye Cliff Part 2: Scottish Landcscape Painting Demonstration
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