Kilt skirt pattern

December 20, 2023
Wee Boy s Kilt

distinctive has had your commentary & recommendations and has now redesigned and updated all of their patterns. Newer and more effective habits for Lilt or nation Dancer's Dress, even more nationwide vest options, and all patterns have clearer directions with pictures.

Includes guidelines to make a guy's kilt and female's kilted dress, patterns for Prince Charlie coat and vest, knitting instructions for traditional Argyle clothes, as well as an easy to knit female's vest.
Kilt: all sizes
Jacket and vest: guys's 36-48 upper body.
Knitted vest, Misses S, M, L.


Now there is a Prince Charlie Jacket design for youths!
Has Child dimensions 4 -12 with chest size of 23" - 31 1/2"


The skill of Kiltmaking

(*2nd edition*)
Thorough guidelines for Making a normal Scottish Kilt

by: Barbara Tewksbury & Elsie Stuehmeyer
This wonderful guide is vital for every single kilt manufacturer! 142 pages with over 270 associated shade pictures, black colored & white drawings, and pictures with complete detail by detail instructions in making a traditional Scottish kilt.
Book chapters cover reputation for kilts and tartans, tartan weave, balance, sett dimensions, pleat size, pleat depth, quantity of pleats, taking dimensions, detail by detail explanations and illustrations of stitching a kilt, how-to put on a kilt, handling a kilt, and exactly how to improve an existing far more.


Tartan Hose Knitting Book
by Sandy McLeod

Not only another knitting book, this guide is the definitive resource for creating tartan hose.
Perfect for your School or community collection for members to see.
More than 60 illustrations that includes Worksheets and charts.
10 chapters analyse the math, design elements, and art of Scottish dance socks. (whole & separate diamond)

Pleated Skirt Pattern for American Girl Dolls
Pleated Skirt Pattern for American Girl Dolls
How To Make Kilt Pleats Pattern | Scottish Kilt Pleated Skirt
How To Make Kilt Pleats Pattern | Scottish Kilt Pleated Skirt
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