Mini Kilt Skirts

March 13, 2023
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photoThese photographs reveal types of each design of kilt that we make:

8 lawn Knife Pleated kilt: typical high-yardage kilt with exemplary swing of pleats. Classic style. Frequently about 23-30 pleats.
Pleated on sett (purple kilt) Pleated into the stripe (blue kilt)

5-6 lawn Knife Pleated kilt: nearly the same as the 8 lawn kilt, but less heavy to wear. Pleats tend to be broader and somewhat a lot fewer.
Can be used for both informal and formal occasions.

4 lawn package Pleated kilt: This historical kilt design showed up ahead of the blade pleated kilt. Light to put on, while heavy weight tartan
frequently is used. Pleats are about 2.5" - 3" broad. Generally pleated toward stripe or to alternating stripes.

PictureMilitary Box Pleated kilt: Pleats be seemingly thin knife pleats, but they are in fact collapsed right back upon on their own. This design is unusual
while the generating is quite complex.

Great Kilt: Historically it absolutely was a large bit of woolen cloth that a guy covered and collapsed around himself by day and may make use of as
a blanket at night. For easy wearing, I stitch the pleats at the waist and attach leather connections and gear loops.

PictureHighland Dancer kilt: These kilts are made for maximum swing for the pleats and mainly make use of Dress tartans including white with the
colors. I make them with a hem and can make the increase while you specify.
Aboyne Skirts: I make Aboyne/Arisaid skirts and matching plaids for performers, too.

Ladies kilt-skirt: I make these with more yardage along with more deeply pleats than commercially made machine sewn kilted dresses.
Which makes for a much better swing and circulation of this pleats. Usually unlined, but can be lined if desired.

PictureMini-kilt: a great and youthful design. Pleats stitched at hip and fastened with a leather band.

Youth right Kilt: This kilt is tailored and built just like for a person's appropriate kilt. A hem and further pleat allow room for development.
Pleated into sett or stripe.

Child kilt: Pleats tend to be stitched from waistline to hip. Pleated to sett or stripe. A hem and further pleat give room for growth.

Kiltie: minimal yardage, merely made. Hem provides space for development.

Picture Picture Picture Picture
Mini Kilt Measuring Instructions
Mini Kilt Measuring Instructions
How to Make a Mini Skirt (Twisted)
How to Make a Mini Skirt (Twisted)
Crash-causing mini-skirt/ Une fille en minijupe cause un
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