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July 21, 2020
Broken Boy

jim gellatly Expert Interview: Jim Gellatly XFM Scotland Drivetime host Jim Gellatly has been responsible for helping the first professions of this likes of Fratellis, KT Tunstall and Amy MacDonald by giving them their particular first radio airplay. This commitment to supporting brand new musical skill generated him receiving radio stations Academy’s prestigious John Peel Award for Contribution to broadcast.

As somebody together with his hand regarding the pulse of both Scottish radio and music sectors, we spoke to him to learn more about the options and issues of news tasks.

Is it possible to tell us regarding your path in to the radio business and also you had anymore boring tasks along the way?

I did so at Perth College, and then managed to get a 2 week work experience positioning at Moray Firth broadcast in Inverness. We remained indeed there for approximately three years! Ultimately I became let loose on atmosphere, but I did a number of roles at MFR, therefore it ended up being an excellent instruction floor. I did so in parallel with my radio career for a time, but I’m lucky enough never to experienced getting a suitable task (yet!).

You champion audio in Scotland and also have been active in the advancement of many huge names; could you select various favourite examples for people?

It’s these types of an excellent thrill to see groups I’ve supported early succeed huge. Lately Twin Atlantic, and prior to that Biffy Clyro. I was the first person ever before to play all of them from the radio, so’s a thing that can't ever be used far from me. There’s plenty of bands that performedn’t quite succeed. It willn’t indicate they weren’t great bands, just that couple of people concurred with me!, but We very first saw Martin Doherty in a band called Julia Thirteen playing a battle regarding the rings in Paisley when he was about 17. They were atrocious that night, but actually continued the production outstanding album. First impressions sometimes must be cast aside!

The radio globe can be a reasonably vulnerable one. Will you be conscious of things like networking, maintaining up to date with brand new developments on the go and contributing to your skillset to stay one step forward in the market?

I seldom miss the opportunity to talk with students, among all of them might become my boss 1 day! Really though, it’s a business all about networking and making just the right contacts. It could be a surprise to some, but I’m actually very a shy person, without many self-confidence. I think We have the ability to hide that well. It’s not been simple making a lifetime career from this, however if you'll encounter as a significant person it may make a positive change. Occasionally becoming ruthless could possibly get you locations, but that is perhaps not for me personally.

You’ve additionally diversified into being a gig number and a columnist (into the Scottish Sun), can there be one area of your working life that you feel many passionate about?

I see myself as a “content creator”, so it’s quite definitely a multi-platform thing nowadays anyway. Every little thing i actually do is commonly connected collectively. It’s good to be able to get across advertise over different platforms, especially social networking. My enthusiasm is actually for brand-new and rising songs, and so I enjoy informing folk about brand-new tracks/acts nevertheless I do it.

Plus the success stories, you'll want seen countless brand new artists who don’t quite result in the big style. Could you provide us with an idea of how many of them manage to find another niche in Scotland’s music industry – be it sound manufacturing, session work, campaigns an such like?

Even functions which can be regarded as “successful” can battle to make a lifetime career out of it, and performers often have other things to fall back on. Sometimes these . The live circuit is more powerful than the record industry at present, however these things change on a regular basis. When I started off, all of the significant labels had radio pluggers based in Scotland. I believe there's today simply the one based here, though many independent pluggers. Some tasks is a foot when you look at the home, while others often helps sustain making music as a passion or pastime if you are perhaps not producing an adequate amount of an income from your music. I'm sure a lot of gig reps, promoters and supervisors that I first discovered playing in rings but have finally placed playing music to one part to enjoy effective professions – however to an extent inside imaginative sectors.

[Caption: Biffy Clyro. Just one of the rings that Jim has actually helped on the solution to the top time.]

How can you begin to see the futures of the Scottish radio and songs sectors?

The loosening of laws has meant the introduction a lot of networking in radio. There can be fewer options in old-fashioned stereo, nonetheless it hasn't been easier to create your own personal content, especially with systems like YouTube and Mixcloud. When you can make your very own audience with great content, that can really result in commissions and media jobs. Digital technology has actually revolutionised the radio and music sectors. That knows what's going to happen in the future, but i really do believe it is all instead exciting.

Have you got any advice for individuals attempting to go after a vocation in radio?

I believe I’m just where Im now because I’ve chosen to specialise in songs. I’m perhaps not the best or slickest presenter, but i've a desire for what I do. Try and make your very own content to check out exactly what other people do. If you were to think can help you it better, there’s no reason at all the reason why you can’t. Ask yourself the reason why one thing sounds good, or doesn’t seem great. Once you learn the real difference, that is a fantastic start. Also, if approaching anyone for advice or feasible options, research your facts. It’s a very competitive market, when you seem to understand what you do and what you’d like to do, it could be a big assistance.

Thanks to Jim for speaking-to us. If you’d love to continue up to now as to what he’s as much as along with the latest developments in the Scottish music scene then you can discover him on and .

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