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August 29, 2022

This famous artwork by Richard Waitt (1714) programs 'The Piper into the Laird of give'. A totally created piob mor (Great Highland bagpipe) with three drones is shown right here, albeit using the two tenor drones set into a mature style fork-shaped stock. I've been told through another piper with heard of painting first-hand, the timber seems to be laburnam, but my guess is the fact that it really is some kind of dark fruitwood such plum. The instrument appears to be mounted or decorated with lead or tin inlay, and turning design is comparable to other Brit and Continental kinds of exactly the same period. By the appearance of a narrow-tapered bore into the chanter, my guess is this pipe is a bit quieter and reduced in pitch compared to the more contemporary kind of the tool as we know it today.
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A set of Scottish highland bagpipes (Thomas Glen, Edinburgh, c1850) from the Edinburgh University assortment of Historic Musical Instruments. The lumber is possibly laburnam plus the supports appear to be gold. I favor the turnings on these pipelines, and desire to make a collection like them some day.
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This old guy had been most likely among the last of a dying type: a Scottish lowland piper. This image had been lifted through the Lowland & Border Piper's Society site. You'll find an image and description of my Scottish edge pipe here.

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This picture, lifted from Chas. Fowleris the Pipers Corner website, reveals a highly created form of the Scottish pastoral bagpipe, dubbed the "union pipe" by William Cocks. Produced by Scottish Lowland pipe-makers as bagpipe's response to the rise in popularity of 18th century chamber music and it is associated tools, it never truly caught-on. However, a modified type of this instrument took root in Ireland and in the end became that which we now understand these days whilst the uilleann bagpipe. Notice the chanter's foot-joint (expansion) typical of these bagpipes, because two multi-keyed regulators (perhaps included at a later date).

To learn about Northumbrian smallpipes visit J.M. & B.J. claims Northumbrian Smallpipes.
You will discover photos and information of my Oxford or "Residence Counties" bagpipe and my Lancashire or "North Counties" bagpipe right here.
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Cornish doublepipe Cornish double-pipe - This bagpipe, created by my old friend and coach Bob Thomas (RIP), was called "a Welsh double-pipe" by several it's past owners. After receiving a number of e-mails with reviews on it is beginning (some called it a Magdeburger schäeferpfeife), Neb Lecic, a Canadian piper from Toronto, eventually put me personally on the right track. After visiting Chris Bailey's web site and having viewed their reconstruction of a Cornish double-pipe based on the inquisitive bench-end carvings into the chapel of St. Nonna, Altarnun, Cornwall, Im fairly convinced that Bob's intension was to reconstruct their own version on the basis of the carvings. An original section of this bagpipe, would be the split short octagonal parts connecting each of the chanters towards the headstock. This permits, as Chris Bailey explains with his design, the ability to transform each chanter to a mouth-blown wind-cap "cornemuse." Each double-reed, conical-bore chanter has got the complete go with of hand holes, allowing it to be enjoyed your hands as an individual melody pipe. By removing, or blocking-off one or even the various other regarding the chanters, the tool can be played as a single-chanter bagpipe. The chanters may be played together (one hand on each) in the case as shown, utilizing the lower chanter used to increase the range for the shorter one in the form of blocking-off it is top holes. Made of ? wood with a single-reed bass drone in G and with sewn cowhide bag by Paul Dessau of Colfax, CA. Note: This bagpipe happens to be in posession of Brian Steeger of San Jaun Bautista, CA.

It is from a poscard that we borrowed from my other bandmate Bruce Culbertson. Its a photo of virtuoso uileann piper Patsy Touhey, a native of Loughrea, Co. Galway. After settling in the United States, Patsy followed the household custom of becoming an expert piper, together with a lengthy and successful career regarding vaudeville stage. Chief O'Niell (regarding the huge Irish track collection fame) stated of Touhey, "he followed the stage as their career...and within the opinion of his admirers, he has no equal."
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This can be an image that I lifted from another web site (I'll give credit once I rediscover it) of Leo Rowesome, the fantastic Irish uillean piper and pipe-maker which inspired dozens of more youthful "wannabe" Irish pipers (including myself). He had been mentioned for their extensive use of the regulators to give a driving rhythm when you look at the tunes he played.

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September 11, 2013 Images and Bagpipes.
September 11, 2013 Images and Bagpipes.
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