MacKenzie Tartan Kilt

August 16, 2016
Mackenzie Ancient TartanMackenzie Tartan Colours

A Mackenzie Tartan dated from 1820

Mackenzie 78th Highlanders – Re-created especially for Millennium Gathering

Authenticated by world renouned tartan & weaving authority, James Scarlett, a new Mackenzie tartan has-been found, reminiscent of the present “Ancient” colouring but with simple distinctions. The materials has been woven to suit the original piece dated from the 1820s. The white stripe initially considered to have already been of silk is woven with partly a cashmere program.

A bolt of the material has already been woven while you wish to have a kilt made of this original set, after that be sure to contact:

100per cent wool cloth, 54″ wide, cost on application.

The Mystery Tartan

The Mackenzies possessed the largest single section of land in Scotland inside their time therefore if there is a local tartan for Kintail and Mid-Ross then it could have been worn very often by Mackenzie Clansmen and Septs associated with Clan. You will find recommendations that there had been an earlier Mackenzie tartan used before 1700 which this has since been lost and changed by the army version. Obviously the pattern had been predominantly Red.

Dress Mackenzie Ancient ColoursIt can also be interesting to notice your tartans for Clans MacRae, Matheson and Ross (all of Ross-shire) tend to be, with individual distinctions, all predominantly red with green and black stripes! There were really close associations between the Mackenzies plus the clans MacRae, Matheson and Ross, particularly in the first days; could there be a relationship right here and might the first tartan when it comes to Mackenzies happen one thing comparable being predominantly purple with green and maybe black stripes? Could they be variations of an earlier Ross-shire district tartan? Perhaps this is the reason present Mackenzie tartan has those Red and Black Stripes? Oftentimes the white stripe denoted an officer and was initially made of silk.

Mackenzie Old TartanThe Mackenzie Tartan

It could be simple to discount the Mackenzie tartan as being just a regimental pattern – it has in addition already been called “MacLeod and Seaforth” from MacLeod’s Highlanders (H.L.I.) as well as the Seaforth Highlanders – that has been used by civilians regarding the Clan that produced the Regiments, but there is usually even more to tartan than appears on top and much interest are based on delving below it; you will see no harm in asking where armed forces tartan came from.

There's a body of evidence which strongly shows that the first tartan associated with the Highland Independent organizations had been a simple blue, black colored and green check to which each one of the Company Commanders included coloured over-checks to tell apart his very own organization. By 1733, this was indeed superseded by a tartan common to all the Companies, however a blue, black and green however now with a red range, edged with black colored centred from the blue, plus some various other colour from the green. We understand that, down the road, the Grenadier business of 42nd Regiment wore this tartan using red range repeated on the green and that Lord Loudoun’s Highlanders used a yellow range from the green; we do not know just what colour, if any, ended up being employed by those troops for the 43rd/42nd who have been perhaps not Grenadiers, but my summary usually there was clearly these types of an over-check which it absolutely was probably black colored. Based on General Stewart of Garth, who was a historian even if he did not always get things correctly appropriate, this new Regimental tartan when it comes to 43rd ended up being arrived at by eliminating the distinguishing coloured lines from tartans associated with the organizations and incorporating just what stayed; on the face from it, this will keep united states aided by the ordinary standard design, but if we proceed one phase and remove the red line through the common tartan, our company is remaining with a couple of black outlines which, if moved to the outside of each alternate blue square, provides the Black Check out tartan as it is today. That isn't the only path your tartan could may have occur. There clearly was a Grant tartan that was around late in the eighteenth century (though its actual age and source tend to be as yet not known) which has, as well as purple and yellowish over-checks, a pair of black colored outlines look across the side of the blue square. “Yer will pay yer money and takes yer option!” But there appear to be no excellent reasons for the generally held view that the Ebony Check out tartan is really a vintage Campbell set, though possibly it is descended from a single.

Mackenzie modern-day - Seaforth set Dress Mackenzie contemporary Colours Mackenzie Muted Brown colours, today regarded as a hunting ready. Mackenzie Muted Green tints, now considered to be a huntiong set.
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