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September 3, 2023
Portable Kilt Carrier / Roll

A kilt is a garment that'll last you forever and thus it is vital you purchase huge body weight fabric and have now it produced by an established kiltmaker. A kilt is a man’s old faithful friend and most guys will usually obtain one kilt inside their lifetime. Therefore using proper care of your kilt can not only make sure it remains searching its perfect for years to come but will even enable the kilt to-be passed on the years as a family group treasure. Keep reading for suggestions about maintaining, cleansing and keeping your kilt to keep your Highland use in great condition.

Stain Proofing

To ensure your kilt is well taken care of it is suggested that the kilt be Teflon coated. This will make your kilt stain (and even beer!) proof. All Houston’s own styles tend to be Teflon covered but this might be available for 350 various other tartans that aren't a genuine Houston’s design and on unique weave tartans.

At Houston’s we had been the first ever to Teflon coat/stain proof our tartans, which makes our kilts and jackets totally shielded from rainfall and stains. The fabric is also alcohol evidence! The wool has got the same handle and it is totally breathable, making all of them safe to wear to rugby and baseball matches.

We determine that more than the life span of your kilt you will put away around £180 to £260, lacking for your kilt dried out cleaned as much. This also helps the surroundings. The Teflon layer lasts a minimum of 18 dried out cleans.

Dry Cleaning

Kilts are typical wool and so CAN NOT be washed. Teflon layer protects your kilt rendering it tarnish evidence. However; should your kilt just isn't Teflon coated you will need to simply take special treatment when trying to remove a stain. If you're going to a meeting and a drink is spilled on your own kilt you may be better to splash water on stain immediately. Kilts CAN NOT be submerged in water but an affected area of around several square inches could be treated. Later on when cleaning the affected area you should utilize hot water and a mild detergent and gently scrub the stain, but we can not stress adequate this would be utilized just regarding small affected area you SHOULD NOT try to cleanse the complete kilt that way. Attempting to clean the kilt inside manner could shrink the waistband and damage your apparel. If you have an independent swatch or cutting of one's tartan we highly recommend that you stain it in the same way your kilt was stained to use it for research before cleansing your kilt. If your kilt ended up being stained with red wine you ought to pour some dark wine regarding the separate cutting or swatch of tartan and approach it with warm water and mild soap as recommended.

If the stain cannot lift we'd then declare that you send your kilt to an established dried out cleaner to really have the stain eliminated. In the UK dried out cleaners may well be more experienced in cleansing kilts nevertheless; offshore your dried out cleaner is almost certainly not knowledgeable about the garment and thus if you're getting your kilt skillfully cleaned we still recommended to provide your cleaner a tiny test of tartan to practise initially. This can eliminate any prospective damage, as cleansers globally might not have cleansed a kilt at all before. As a made to measure apparel you need to get rid of any threat of damage.

Content of Kilt

Kilts tend to be 100percent all-wool with cotton fabric and liner.
They have fabric gear straps with material buckles.


There are numerous methods to shop and transfer your kilt and highland wear. Our luxurious carry carries your kilt, jacket and all sorts of accessories and is obtainable in gray or Navy. The deluxe carry has actually a kilt tube which your kilt may be rolled up-and stored in. The deluxe carry includes a sizable zip cover which we reference whilst the closet this will be accustomed keep your coat. The large zip bag also offers pockets to keep your shoes, top, sgian dubh, sporran alongside accessories.

We also stock wooden clamp kilt hangers, which are great for holding your kilt.

Should your kilt becomes creased in storage you can gently steam it. Whenever keeping your kilt within the wardrobe a few it is within a protective cover with moth balls generally there is not any danger of damage or wear.


Owner of Houston’s Ken MacDonald has received his very own kilt for over three decades which is well-maintained because of good care and storage. For more info on kilt storage and upkeep also to see Ken along with his 30 year old kilt kindly view our helpful video clips at

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