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May 16, 2016
Dartmouth bagpiper wins Silver

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Pipes and Drums
48th Highlanders of Canada
130 Queen Street East
Toronto, Ontario, M5A 1R9
Voice: (416) 635-4440
Fax: (416) 635-2766

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We constantly welcome new users. There is no need to join the Canadian causes to relax and play because of the 48th Highlanders of Canada Pipes and Drums. We do motivate our users to consider this program enabling all of them the participate in all military tasks and training provided by the Canadian Forces.

If you're in search of a serious-minded and busy pipe musical organization, then you'll definitely feel acquainted with united states.


Practices are held Tuesdays from 1930 hrs to 2200 hrs at Moss Park Armoury, during the spot of Queen Street and Jarvis Street in downtown Toronto.

If you should be thinking about going to, kindly call us.

Learn How To Enjoy

The 48th Highlanders Pipes and Drums can be invested in teaching severe beginners on pipelines or drums. All beginners ought to search for private classes. A few people in the pipeline band teach both bagpipes and drums privately and welcome committed students. Contact Pipe significant Iain Lang to find out more.


Right from the start regarding the 48th Highlanders there have been pipers current. Pipers Charles Munro and George Murray were the initial two business pipers. They played while Captain Henderson drilled the guys at Bailey's Hall.

It was said that a simple yet effective pipe musical organization could be the pride each and every commanding officer of a highland regiment. It had been this is exactly why Pipe significant Robert Ireland, reputed is best piper in the continent, was recruited to serve as the very first Pipe significant of this 48th Highlanders in 1891. During their tenure, the band had been completely organized with an overall total power of 19; 14 pipers and 5 drummers.

After Pipe Major Ireland, the band has received a succession of very qualified pipeline majors. Mr. Norman MacSwayed changed Pipe significant Ireland in 1895. Pipe Major MacSwayed had been an accomplished Piobaireached player in Scotland. In 1900, Mr. Farquhar Beaton became Pipe Major. Pipe significant Beaton had been an effective trainer and launched the playing of components in pipe bands in Canada.

In 1913, James Fraser ended up being recruited from Gordon Highlanders to take control as Pipe Major after offering 21 years as a piper because of the Gordon Highlanders witnessing action in Asia. Pipe significant Fraser would continue to be as Pipe significant for 39 many years teaching numerous students and providing Canada with a great deal of well-tutored players. In 1952, Archie Dewar, CD took over as Pipe Major followed by Ross Stewart, MMM, CD in 1965, CWO Reay MacKay, CD in 1975, and CWO Alexander (Sandy) Dewar, MMM, CD in 1985.

The 48th have actually played within Toronto Maple Leafs starting Hockey online game since 1931 and became an installation at Maple Gardens on starting Night. In 1999, the Band lead the parade from Maple Leaf Gardens on new home for the Toronto Maple Leafs, air Canada Centre, where they still play for orifice hockey game each period.

The Pipes and Drums are currently have actually a moderate role that includes both armed forces and volunteer civilian people. The musical organization has actually excelled in both civil and military responsibilities, becoming world famous with their unique capabilities.

Bryan the Bagpiper
Bryan the Bagpiper
Scottish Bagpiper
Scottish Bagpiper
Bagpiper at Glencoe, Scotland - May 2011
Bagpiper at Glencoe, Scotland - May 2011
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