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December 24, 2019
You Could Have It So Much

bmt_pressefoto lower Doors available (Supper) – TBC
Dinner served – TBC
Doors available (Show) – 7.30pm
Suzette Herft & Patrick Evans – 8.00pm – 8.35pm
Balck marketplace listen in Concert – 9.00pm – 10.30pm

Black Market Tune is a successful exemplory case of outstanding artists networking across European countries while the globalisation of this Celtic Folk style. The musical organization mixes many strands of Ethno, United states and European people, weaving all of them in to a sometimes subtle, occasionally powerful music tapestry.

Accordionist Colin Nicholson sums up the younger Austro-Scottish quartet as “Modern folk-music with a Scottish backbone”.

The musical organization was assembled by violinist Paul Dangl, among crucial figures in the present Austrian Music scene and an excellent exponent of Celtic and World songs. He could be similarly home playing songs through the Celtic West of Europe (in a variety of jobs), the Mediterranean region, United states Newgrass, Balkan & Orient (example. with Nim Sofyan) along with the Jazz & Swing genre. Their studies introduced Dangl to Glasgow in 2004. In Scotland he discovered an essential and radiant scene that juggled a variety of modernism, with electric examples, Latin, and first of all with jazz.

Colin Nicholson is an increasing celebrity of this scene and a crucial person in numerous groups (e.g. in Rob Heron and Tea Pad Orchestra). Their style on accordion links with playful nonchalance the two extremes of Scottish idiom, energy and softness.

Christian Troger from Southern Tyrol can match up against the most effective and most innovative guitarists for the Irish-Scottish World-Music scene and has enjoyed many. The small penchant towards jazz in black-market Tune’s music is emphasised quite a bit by the vocalist Mira Lu Kovacs, a tuned vocalists with a stylistic curiosity in modern jazz, electric songs and people.

Black-market Tune is marked by a hearty stability of introversion and extroversion, of softness and strength, New Acoustic Music with a charming perspective and sexy move. Paying due respect to the aforementioned practices, are passionate, elegant, lyrical and cool perhaps not due to but despite their particular cultural sources. This will be music not just for folk festivals also for the cocktail pubs of international galaxies.

Black-market Tune plays modern-day folk-music with a scottish anchor – your own feet won’t stand however about their particular operating austro-caledonian tune-sets, their particular enchanted tracks invite you to definitely look into folk tales about love, whiskey and emigration.


The Velvet area is located on the floor floor of place. Wheelchair accessibility is through the door. There are 3 measures to the Velvet Room. Access without steps could be arranged. If you have any unique needs contact the venue ahead of time to arrange help if required.

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