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November 21, 2018
McCallum P1 Poly Bagpipes


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Final thirty days's survey Concern:

Exactly what would you invest most of your practice time on?

Exercising Tunes you know- 17percent

Discovering New Tunes 5percent

Combination of both 75per cent

This month's study question:

Whenever at activities, would you indulge in solamente competitions? If that's the case something your inspiration for competing in solos?

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Observe that about 5:20 in to the video Willie McCallum is discussing the McC2 Chanter and you will see that he is making use of a

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Ivory & Pipes

Elephant Ivory mounts, ferrules and band limits were typically utilized on bagpipes since way back when. However, from 1979-1989, the people of African elephants declined from 1.3 million to 600, 000. As much as 36, 000 elephants are poached annually because of their ivory. Asian elephant figures tend to be a fraction of whatever they used to be and are close to extinction in several areas.Bagpiper In 1989, the CITES pact managed to make it illegal to get, sell or trade Asian elephant ivory after 1976 and African elephant ivory after 1989. Any other thing more than 100 years old that perhaps not already been reworked is known as "antique".

Some bagpipe makers, like MacLellan bagpipes, have use of pre-CITES ivory. For those who do not, there are other options available to get the appearance of ivory on their bagpipes. Mammoth ivory is extremely similar to elephant ivory except that it is somewhat darker in color. It continues to have the Schreger outlines of elephant ivory. Large volumes of mammoths have been discovered frozen when you look at the ice in Russia, Siberia and Alaska. Since they happen extinct for over 10, 000 many years, they're not an endangered species like the elephants, therefore it is completely appropriate to import and export. Kron and Gellaitry Bagpipes use mammoth ivory on several of their particular pipelines.

Pipes prepared!Another option is Imitation ivory. It may be made of many items like cellulose nitrate or casein. It's employed by McCallum, Wallace and Naill among others. Some companies, like Dunbar, can engrave their especially made delrin replica ivory. Vegetable ivory, created from the Tagua or "Phytelphas" palm-tree, is another option, however much less typical. Phytelphas, which literally implies "elephant plant", creates big fruits having ivory-like peanuts.

Should you choose have bagpipes with genuine ivory and intend to travel with them, always have appropriate paperwork for importing and exporting to and from each nation to you personally will, as well as your beginning. You'll likely require a CITES document stating the origin and 12 months of harvest regarding the ivory.

Scottish Humor

When Sanders MacGillivray came ultimately back from his first trip to London, everyone in the village ended up being keen to discover just how it moved.

"Do you enjoy it?"

"Oh, it had been no' bad. There is one thing incorrect. The folks inside resort simply would not retire for the night. They certainly were outside my room inside corridor screaming and banging till 3 o'clock in the morning."

"What did you do?"

"Och, I just kept on playing my bagpipes."

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