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December 20, 2021
As a prelude to the Highland

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~ Non-Traditional Pipers and Rings ~
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Picture: Harald Weinkum
Above is piper Jane Espie, associated with Scottish band The Phantom Piper. Bagpipes have been regarding ragged edges of polite culture (the old laugh becoming that a gentleman is an individual who is able to play the bagpipe but doesn't). Bagpipes are of course solo instruments, but from start, long, long-ago, various other adventurous musicians cannot resist their particular miracle and incorporated bagpipes into all kinds of songs, for better or even worse. While such inclusions are sometimes with standard groups, including early music ensembles and symphony orchestras, the essential visible and dramatic manifestations these days are pipers in "alternative" groups. Where is supposed, loosely, a lot of different Rock, steel, Punk, Industrial also hyper-modern groups, some really popular (AC/DC) but most not. (See Wikepedia article "a number of nontraditional bagpipe usage" for several instances.)

After that you will find individual pipers, like Jane, just who may or cannot perform traditionally but just who in addition simply take their pipes (of whatever associated with 100 or so existing types) down a number of other roadways. Insofar as a result things could be classified which will are the genres already listed, including avenues eg Jazz, Classical, Folk - the list is limitless, and some pipers vary widely on these trails. Which is interesting, at least, helping to create awareness of the piping globe to men and women usually new to these fabulous instruments.

Inside our continuous efforts to motivate piping of most sorts we are opening this page of your "Special Features" section with an invite to all the pipers and rings who feel they truly are section of this non-traditional side of piping to send along a picture or two of yourselves, and whatever basic information you care to incorporate (and photo credits/copyrights as relevant), and we also'll post all of them right here. rtve researchgate
Celtic Band MacAlum: Thunder Opening with Bagpipes and Drums
Celtic Band "MacAlum:" Thunder Opening with Bagpipes and Drums
highland cathedral bagpipes with brass band
highland cathedral bagpipes with brass band
Bagpipe band
Bagpipe band
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