Scottish Country Dance Music

January 26, 2019
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People return from Pinewoods with thoughts: Grand marches wending through woods at sunset, a world-class fiddler exercising on the porch of her cabin as you go by, the 31-inch snapping turtle we found living under extended Pond dock. As soon as you're woken by the sound of pipelines drifting through sentinel pines towards time you proceed with the shine of your flashlight down the path to your cabin, day-after-day at Pinewoods offers a great deal of tales you may not get a hold of any place else. We hope you are going to join united states in 2016.


Application (PDF)

Pinewoods Camp is found in the forests of Plymouth, MA, between Long Pond and Round Pond. Campers stay-in cabins or cottages — austere, but with electricity and access to warm water — and dine together in a communal dining hall. Each July, the RSCDS Boston department sponsors three sessions indeed there: a 4-day program for English, Scottish and Contra dance (co-sponsored with CDS Boston Centre), and week-end and week-long Scottish sessions. All three sessions offer real time songs and dancing from early morning 'til night, with classes for starting, intermediate, and higher level performers. We wish to especially encourage younger dancers (18+), brand new dancers, and Pinewoods first-timers to use.

Check out the sidebar left for more information. Watch these pages for changes, or contact the chairs right with any questions.

Scottish Country Dance Tustin 2014
Scottish Country Dance Tustin 2014
Scottish Dance Music by Ian Muir Sound Tribute to the Borders
Scottish Dance Music by Ian Muir Sound Tribute to the Borders
Scottish country dancing
Scottish country dancing
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