Bagpipe funeral tunes

December 13, 2022
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The music down the page is completed by Tim Carey and it is designed to provide the listener a sense of what more requested tunes sound like on the bagpipes.

Tim Carey features played funerals for more than thirty many years at Arlington National Cemetery. He could be the only piper having ever before already been permitted to play inside Fort Meyer Chapel for a funeral.

"I came across Tim Carey years ago as he found play their bagpipes at a cemetery that I became working at. Having been in the cemetery business considering that the early '80s, We have had heard various other pipers before at many services, but once Tim began playing Amazing Grace I shortly noticed there was an impact within the top-notch this kind of musician. During this performance I became working rather than mourning so I managed to focus on the songs. It absolutely was therefore stunning and Tim's enthusiasm was therefore obvious that it virtually brought a tear to my attention and goose lumps to my human body. We knew at that time we necessary to connect with him and let other families know that he was available. Since that time, i've had Tim play at a large number of funerals at several of my cemeteries and he participates throughout of your holiday solutions besides. He is really a Master Piper and I also am recognized to suggest him to any person trying to have bagpipes become a part of their particular burial service."

Jonathan Ger
Region Director - Baltimore/Eastern Shore Region
StoneMor Partners - a publicly possessed nationwide Cemetery and Funeral Residence Company

"The overall performance and reliability would be to perfection. Positively beautiful. His overall performance is visible inside autumn of 2013 on Show amount of time in a documentary labeled as the termination of Life with Michael John Muth. Very, Extremely fulfill and Highly recommend Tim Carey. In the pouring down rain. It was an attractive service Tim, Thank you to make our sons big day unforgettable. "

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